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CHILDREN'S SERVICESChildren’s Services:  We recommend beginning routine dental visits for children early, about the time they begin to teethe. When we see children early, we can often prevent problems and foster a life time of good oral health. Early dental experiences that are pleasant and successful help make good dental care a habit. It is a great reward to have young patients look forward to their visits. We try to instill in our young patients an appreciation for good dental health and a lifetime habit of good oral hygiene.

Your commitment to your child’s dental health is a lifetime gift.  Children who learn the importance of good dental hygiene early and who are encouraged by their parents to practice it reap lifetime rewards.  Immediate rewards are healthy teeth, better general health, pretty smiles and high self-esteem.  Long-term rewards are fewer hours and dollars spent in dental offices when they are adults.

We offer the full range of general dental care for children, including preventive care, sealants, tooth-colored fillings, crowns, spacers for lost teeth and tooth removal for orthodontics. 
Young patients enjoy our children's waiting room, which is equipped with entertaining, dental educational videos and age-appropriate toys and books.

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