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dental implants

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dental implantsDental Implants:   Dental implants provide the most tooth-like replacement of teeth currently available.  A titanium root is placed at the site of the lost tooth. After healing occurs, the implant fixture has the desired tooth attached. 

An implant can replace a single missing tooth, and implant-supported fixed bridges can replace multiple missing teeth. The beauty of dental implants is they do not require alteration or preparation of adjacent teeth to anchor the replacement tooth. This “tooth-for-tooth” replacement is one of the most conservative ways to put a tooth back.

Implants can also be used to anchor removable partial dentures. Implants are often used to stabilize loose full-dentures. Two or more implants are located beneath the denture. After healing the implants have attachments placed that hold the denture firm and allow chewing without movement or pinching the gums.

Our dental CBCT scanner facilitates accurate three-dimensional diagnosis and treatment planning of proposed implant sites.
Dr. Lingle has completed the Continuum of the Triangle Dental Implant Institute and is a Fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists
We welcome questions regarding implants. 

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