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General dental and cosmetic services

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General dental and cosmetic servicesGeneral Dental and Cosmetic Services:  These services include fillings, extractions, root canals, soft tissue management, implants, crowns, fixed and removable bridges, and partial and full dentures.Our tooth-colored fillings have the advantage of being mercury-free and cosmetically attractive. 

When extraction (tooth removal) is necessary, Dr. Lingle uses conservative techniques to preserve the oral tissue and to minimize post-operative discomfort. Reasons for removal include problematic third molars (wisdom teeth), providing space for braces, and failing teeth due to  decay, fracture, or gum disease.

Services to replace missing teeth include removable dentures, removable partial dentures, fixed bridges (cemented in place usually anchored by crowns), and implants.

Other cosmetic services include in-office and home tooth whitening, replacement of discolored fillings, upgrading failed or stained laminates, crowns, bridges, tooth bonding, and creative problem solving where natural teeth and crowns no longer match in color.

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