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ProceduresYour oral health is critical to your overall health and should be treated accordingly.  Poor dental health not only detracts from one's smile, appearance and self-esteem, it can have a negative effect on every major organ including the heart.  Good dental health makes sense both in terms of health and in terms of dollars saved.  Prevention (good oral care at home and regular dental office visits) is among the least expensive dental services available.  A 6 month cleaning is less expensive than a filling.  A small filling is far less expensive than a root canal and crown later for the patient who didn’t think that six month check up was really that important.  Crowns are less expensive than bridges when the decay has extended further. 

Our goal is to assess each new patient’s current oral health using the most advanced diagnostic tools available to us, and then to do our best to assist the patient achieve the goal of great dental health and a beautiful smile.

We offer comprehensive general dental services for both adults and children.  When indicated, we gladly coordinate specialty referrals.

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General Dental and Cosmetic Services Children's Services


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